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Austin Toastmasters Guide To Support Roles

Descriptions of the basic duties for the support roles at Austin Toastmasters meetings. These descriptions are merely to help you understand your assigned role. When your role is introduced, succinctly explain the role in your own words.


Brief (around 30 seconds) quote or passage related to the meeting's theme. It can be inspiring, humorous, or thought-provoking.


Note: the Invocator does not explain the Invocator role, unlike the other support roles. Instead, the Invocator simply delivers the quote or passage when called on by the Presiding Officer at the beginning of the meeting.



1. Prior to the meeting, pick a word of the day. Print or write the word of the day on a piece of paper in BIG, BOLD letters so everyone in the room will be able to read it. 

2. Introduce your role, and why good grammar is important. Tell everyone the word of the day, the definition, and use it in a sentence to help clarify its meaning and recommended usage.

3. During the meeting listen for and note correct and incorrect (and interesting, if you like) uses of grammar, phrases, and language.

4. When called upon by the General Evaluator near the end of the meeting, please provide a report (approximately 1-2 minutes) of the members use of grammar and language, and use of the word of the day.




1. During the meeting listen for any filler words. Filler words include: um, ah, so, ya’ know, or any word where a pause, or simply ending a sentence would be more appropriate.

2. Explain your role, why not using filler words is important, and the audience’s responsibilities.

3. When called upon by the General Evaluator near the end of the meeting, please provide a report (approximately 1-2 minutes) of the members uses of filler words.



Records the speaking time of each speaker, Table Topics speaker and Evaluator and the supporting role reports. The timer lights the appropriate color for the speaker's time.  It is important to keep the signals visible to the speakers throughout the speech. 


GREEN indicates the minimum time to be eligible for an award.

YELLOW indicates you are halfway between the minimum and maximum time

RED indicates you have reached the specified time limit. You have an extra 30 seconds to finish (to be eligible for an award).


Time frames

Table Topics: 1-2 minutes (plus 30 seconds)

Evaluators: 2-3 minutes (plus 30 seconds)

Speakers: times depend on the speech (plus 30 seconds)

Grammarian Report: 1-2 minutes

Ah-Counter Report: 1-2 minutes

General Evaluator: 3-4 minutes

Times will be on the meeting Agenda, or supplied by the Toastmaster



Collects and counts the ballots after each designated agenda item is complete. All attendees (even guests) vote for Best Table Topic Speaker, Best Speaker, and Best Evaluator. Write the winners’ names on the back of the corresponding ribbon and hand the ribbons to the Toastmaster, preferably before the General Evaluator turns the meeting back over to the Toastmaster.


If there is a tie, get more ribbons from the SgtAt-Arms. 

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