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What makes us unique 

Our Attitude 

We often boast that we are "The Greatest Toastmasters Club in the Known Universe!" It's our modest motivational motto, that demands our very best every week. 


We are committed to developing members as communicators and leaders.


Our Size
Our larger membership makes for lively meetings that bring a great diversity of topics, talents, speaking styles, and perspectives.   We are one of just a few clubs in the Austin-San Marcos area that consistently has more than 40 members.  


Our Track Record of Excellence

The evidence of our rich tradition is the sheer number of Awards and Ribbons on our Banner, which is not matched by many clubs in our District, in our Region, and possibly in the know universe. Our banner is so heavily laden with history that it is handled carefully due to it's weight and volume of awards.

Our Communication Achievement Award

Each year The Austin Toastmasters presents our Communication Achievement Award to an individual in the Austin-area who has achieved professional excellence through superior communication skills. Our club has recognized poilticians, writers, news anchors, and many other professionals across the city. 


The prestigious list of recipients makes this an award that honored communicators are proud to receive. Honorees are presented with the award and speak at our annual banquet in June.


Our Video Camera

Our club has its own video camera, which is used a tool for each member to assess their own speaking ability and gauge improvement. TIP: Watch your video with the sound off to focus on non-verbal communication!


Our Social Nature
In addition to our ongoing meetings we host a series of social events, including: 

  • Weekly Post-Meeting Socials

  • Annual golf tournament 

  • Awards banquet

  • White elephant holiday party

  • Birthday parties

  • Themed meetings

We believe in building networks and relationships at our meetings and outside of them so that we can get to know each other as individuals.

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