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Success Methods

There are many means by which you learn, grow and develop within Austin Toastmasters. Some of them are:


Evaluations & Feedback
Formal evaluations of your speeches and informal feedback provide suggestions and are valuable in helping to focus on areas for improvement. Our club is known for its solid evaluations that compliment and encourage, but that also analyze and point out opportunities for growth.


Watching other speakers display refined talents in the areas of vocal variety, gestures, eye contact, introductions, organizing speeches, inspiring an audience, etc. will show you ways you can do the same.


Regularly speaking in front of people will help you become more confident each time, plus the more feedback, support, and encouragement, the easier it is to meet your goals and improve. Meetings are designed to give you ample practice opportunities.


Speech Manuals
Toastmasters International has more than 75 years of experience in educating and developing speakers. From this rich background the organization produces detailed step-by-step manuals to help develop excellent speaking abilities no matter what the context is.


Video Camera
Watching yourself give a speech offers insights, and is very helpful in assessing your own progress and development.


An experienced club member of your choosing can be your mentor. They will act as a role model, coach and advisor for your first few speeches.


Supportive Environment
You'll notice we applaud a lot. That's one of many ways we provide support and encouragement to nurture you and push you along. We encourage you to take risks and provide a safety net if you fall.

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