What is easy speak?

As a member, create an account at easy-speak.org. If you are having any issues, please reach out to the president. Easy-speak is an excellent tool where you can request for a speech, sign up for a meeting, and view your speech progress. You can find this information under the Meetings tab.

How do I communicate to other members?

You can send a message directly to the president, Vice President of Education, or to the Vice President of Treasurer, or any other members in the club. You can find this information under the Meetings tab.

How do I request a speech?

Go to the Meetings tab >> Request a speech >> Select a workbook and a title. This is important! The Vice President of Education will approve your request. If you have questions, you may directly send an e-mail in Easy Speak to VPE, ask during a Tuesday club meeting, or on Slack.

How do I sign up for the next meeting?

Go under the Meetings tab and select the Thumbs Up "I Will Be There" icon before the meeting. You can also sign up for future meetings in Easy Speak too!

6 Week Schedule


Signing Up for a Speech or Role

  • Fill in your name on the 6-Week Schedule sign up sheet during a meeting

  • Request a speech on Easy Speak

  • Fill in as a replacement request  - Check our our slack channel


Performing a Role


Canceling a Speech or Role

  • Don't leave your fellow Toastmasters hanging! Reach out on Slack or another member in the club to find your replacement as soon as possible.

  • There may be times when you are unable to fulfill your scheduled role/speech, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement


Cancelling a role with more than one week's notice

  • Ask another member at the meeting to switch roles or replace you

  • Contact members from the Member Roster (request the password from the president)

  • Austin Toastmasters Slack channel


Cancelling a role with less than one week's notice 


Don't forget to confirm any changes with the Toastmaster (TM) or General Evaluator (GE).