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Meeting Etiquette

Part of the process of learning how to speak publicly is to greet the presenter and the audience. The presenter is anyone who is introducing you to speak. In the real world, the presenter could be the host, the MC, or the project manager at your work. In Toastmasters, the presenter could be the Toastmaster, the Topics Master, or the General Evaluator, or maybe the Presiding Officer. The audience is anyone witnessing the meeting or ceremony.


There are two parts to greeting the Presenter and Audience – handshakes and oral greetings.


A handshake with your presenter at the beginning and ending off your speech, (if a typical stage presentation is involved.) 


  • When announced by the presenter, shake his hand as you enter the stage.

  • When finished with your speech, shake his hand as you leave the stage after your oral greeting of him. 

An oral greet at the beginning and ending of your speech. 


  • Beginning Speech Greeting: Verbally greet the presenter and audience with, “Mr. Toastmaster, (or Madam Topics Master, or Madam General Evaluator,) fellow members, and honored guests.”

  • Greeting should be in the introduction, but does not have to be the first words uttered.

  • Ending Speech Greeting: Verbally conclude with, “Madam Toastmaster, OR Mr. Topics Master, OR Mr. General Evaluator.”

    • Title of presenter should be the very last words uttered. AVOID saying thank you to end a speech. In Toastmasters, the audience members are the ones thankful for you, who dare to take on the public speaking forum so we can learn from you!