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Whether a new member or long-standing member, Austin Toastmasters provides an environment for members to thrive and progress, and make the most of the Toastmasters program.


Mentorship - Feel free to reach out to any member in the club for a 1:1 mentorship. We are all here to help! 


Distinguished Club Program - an initiative for all the club members to accomplish shared speaking and leadership goals.


Club Officers - is a great leadership opportunity, and more speaking opportunities.

Distinguished Club Program 

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP), an initiative by Toastmasters International, helps clubs accomplish their purpose, which is to provide an environment in which members learn communication and leadership skills.

Austin Toastmasters has a history of successfully completing the DCP requirements, and achieving the highest DCP recognition.

Our club is a demonstration that attention to the tenets of the DCP over time creates a strong club, strong leaders, and strong speakers.


How the DCP Works

The DCP is an annual program; running from July 1 to June 30. Members must complete speaking manuals, leadership projects, officer training, submit dues, submit officer lists, and meet membership requirements.

The 10 club goals under Pathways.


  • Four members complete Level 1 in a learning path

  • Two members complete Level 2 in a learning path.

  • Two additional members complete Level 2 in a learning path

  • Two members complete Level 3 in a learning path

  • One member completes Level 4 in a learning path

  • One member completes Level 5 in a learning path

  • Four new members

  • Four more new members

  • A minimum of four club officers trained during each of the two training periods

  • On-time payment of membership dues accompanied by the names of eight members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) for one period and on-time submission of one club officer list.


President's Distinguished Club - achieve any 9 of the 10 goals
Select Distinguished Club - achieve any 7 of the 10 goals
Distinguished Club - achieve any 5 of the 10 goals


At year-end, Toastmasters International sends our club President an attractive ribbon for display on our club banner, and a congratulatory letter. Club officers are invited to attend the Club Leadership Luncheon held during the International Convention in August, where they will be recognized for the club's achievement.



Toastmasters International tracks the progress of all Toastmasters clubs toward the DCP goals throughout the year.

Austin Toastmasters' current and past DCP reports (Enter Club #: 4256).

Distinguished Club Program
Officer Duties

Officer Roles

Club members elect officers every December and June for 6-month terms. Many officer duties can be delegated. The following are the club officer roles and their respective responsibilities:


The President presides over club meetings and provides overall leadership.


Vice President Education (VPE)
The Vice President Education prepares the 6 week meeting schedule, overseas membership education, oversees club contests and is responsible for the mentoring program.


Vice President Membership (VPM)
The Membership Vice President is responsible for maintaining the club's membership. He or she introduces and welcomes new members and is involved with the mentoring program.


Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)
The Public Relations Vice President is responsible for managing the club website, producing and distributing The Austin Toastmasters newsletter, Twitter, and other activities that promote and support the club.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of club activities and club meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping information on the website current and accurate.


The Treasurer collects dues and can answer any questions about club finances. He or she is responsible for remitting the correct amounts to Toastmasters International. The Treasurer also helps new members complete membership applications and keeps the supply catalog for materials from Toastmasters International.


The Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) is responsible for booking the meeting room, bringing the supplies to each club meeting, setting up the meeting room as well as greeting and introducing guests.


Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President provides continuity for the executive committee. He or she serves as a resource for the executive officers and the club.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
The CTO is responsible for maintaining the website and technology aspects of the club.



Being an officer is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the club that supports you, and to enhance your leadership and communication skills.

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