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Guests are always welcome at our meetings! 

You may visit as a guest as many times as you would like. There is no cost to visit. 

As a guest, you will be greeted by our Sergeant-at-Arms, who will ask you to sign our guest register.  We will introduce you (by name only) to the club at the beginning of the meeting, and at the end, we will invite you to say a few brief words on what you thought of your experience. Giving your comments is purely optional. You may decline if you would rather not speak.


Before the meeting, during the break and after the meetingare all good times to talk to our members and officers to learn more about our club, membership details and Toastmasters in general.


The meeting agenda has the ever exciting Table Topics; where you give a short impromptu talk or speak extemporaneously when called upon. A prepared speech to develop your speaking skills from a project in the Toastmaster manuals. Evaluations provide verbal and written feedback for the prepared speeches.

It's all very well executed, and periodically, we will vary from the regular program to shake things up and keep stretching our speakers talents. 

It's customary to vote in each category, and guests are encouraged to join members in casting a vote in each category. It's fun to see the weekly ribbon winners take pride in their work as they receive a weekly round of encouragement and challenge.

You do not need to RSVP to attend a meeting.


If you're running late, do come in, but please do so quietly.

We pride ourselves in being a friendly, supportive, welcoming group.


Join us on a Tuesday evening soon!


Meeting locations

Primary Meeting Location: LCRA Redbud Center, 3601 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

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