Toastmasters membership is for 6 months.
Membership terms are April 1 - September 30 and October 1 - March 31. 

ALL CURRENT MEMBERS, from the newest to the oldest,

must pay full dues of $95 + fees before the end of 

March and September to stay active. 

scroll to the Dues Season tab below to renew

Membership fees are prorated depending on when you renew or join. Select the current or next closest month to determine which payment button to use.


The 1st day of the chosen month is the first day you will be an official member of Toastmasters. Congratulations and welcome!

NOTE:  NEW MEMBERS pay an additional flat one-time $20 new member fee to Toastmaters International. The balance is prorated Toastmasters International (TMI) and club dues. Dues are to be renewed every six months by April 1st and October 1st. (so if you signed up in March or September, you will pay again immediately for April or October continued membership.)

All prices include the PayPal fees.

New Members - $69.41

Jan or Jul

Existing Members - $48.87

New Members - $53.13

Feb or Aug

Existing Members - $32.68

New Members - $36.94

Mar or Sep

Existing Members - $16.49

New Members - $118.25

Apr or Oct

Existing Members - $97.69

Dues season!

New Members - $101.97

May or Nov

Existing Members - $81.41

New Members - $85.69

Jun or Dec

Existing Members - $65.12