The Greatest Toastmasters Club in the Known Universe!

Come join us for our annual Potluck and White Elephant party! Sign up here to bring your favorite dish! Details on White Elephant below.


Visit our weekly Tuesday meetings to find out what Toastmasters is about and what makes Austin Toastmasters unique! There is no required RSVP and welcome to bring guests.

We offer a wonderful opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills.


Build your expertise in a positive atmosphere with some of the most amazing people in Austin.

Meeting Info

Tuesday at 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM


LCRA Redbud Center

3601 Lake Austin Blvd

Austin, TX 78703

Alternative locations will listed in the calendar & the homepage.



Membership is open to all who want to improve their public speaking abilities and help others do the same.


Guests are always welcome at our meetings! No RSVP necessary.

How to join?

Step 1 - Attend a meeting

Join us every Tuesday! We start at 6:15pm sharp so please arrive on time. If you arrive late, you are still welcome to join! Please be respectful for all speakers if you arrive late. There are plenty of seats for you and your fellow guests. When you arrive to the Redbud Center, the meeting is located down the stairs. Check out our FAQ page to learn more.


Step 2 - Fill out an application 

Prior to the meeting, the Vice President of Membership or the Sargent of Arms will warmly welcome you. The VP of Membership will provide a membership application and collect dues if you decide to sign up! You are always welcome back as a guest if you not to sign up. Interested to start now? Get an application today.

Step 3- Stay Connected

Wait for your New Member Kit to be sent to you. Sign up for your 1st speech in Easy-Speak. Stay connected by joining our Facebook group and keeping in touch with Slack. 

Austin Toastmasters Holiday White Elephant 2019


Game Overview

• You must contribute a gift to participate in the game. If your spouse/friend/SO wants to play individually, that person must also offer a gift.

• The gift should be wrapped. Gift bags are OK.


• Have fun, it wouldn’t be a party without a little heckling and embarrassing jokes.


• Generally speaking, the more tasteless, hideous or bizarre, the better. Risqué is maybe OK within reason – past exchanges have seen the book “Sex for Dummies,” naughty underwear and other suggestive items. If in doubt, err on the side of restraint. Do not give sexually explicit items.


• The gift does not have to be anything that someone would actually want or use. However, do not give items that are gross, broken or excessively worn, perishable unsafe, illegal or unsanitary.


• If you absolutely have to buy something, limit it to about $15. Buy a gag gift, something that is risqué, humorous, offbeat or just plain tacky. If you bring nice gifts that everyone actually wants, you’re missing the whole point.


How It Works

• Each player draws a number for the order in which he or she will play.


• The person with the paper slip marked #1 chooses a gift, opens it, and everyone admires/ridicules/snickers at it accordingly.


• Player 2 then chooses an unwrapped gift or “steals” Player 1’s gift. If Player 1 is burglarized, he/she then chooses another wrapped gift. He/she may not “steal back” the lost gift.


• Player 3 "steals" any unwrapped gift or chooses a wrapped one. And so on.


• At the very end, Player 1 has final choice and may take any other gift that remains in play.

Rules of the Game


• A gift may be stolen only three times, after which it is permanently out of the game.


• Those holding "live" gifts must keep them visible at all times and allow them to be inspected.


• There are 30+ participants, so you have 60 seconds to choose or steal a gift during your turn.


• The gift exchange ends when the last wrapped gift is opened. Trading gifts and making furtive exchanges of cash are allowed at any time during or after the game.