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Slack is Easy Communication

Slack is an alternative way to share what's happening with Austin Toastmasters. It functions not unlike text messaging on your phone or WhatsApp or direct messaging in apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Slack is Fast & Customizable

Slack allows club members to be much more responsive to one another. Alerts can be customized to your interest level and you choose when and how (if at all) you respond to conversations. Slack also allows officers to get last-minute-changes out to the members quickly. Same goes for members; you can let the rest of us know if, for example, your stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting. 

Slack is the ATM Hive Mind

We're a large Toastmaster club, with a lot of things going on. Slack lets us keep you in the loop. We want to make sure that members can easily, safely, and candidly communicate with officers and other members. Importantly, Slack is a great way for you to voice your ideas to all the members and get feedback from them. This back-and-forth communication is at the heart of a good Toastmaster exchange and with your help will keep Austin Toastmaster be the "Greatest Toastmasters Club in the Known Universe!"

For more about Slack, check out their website: Slack

To join Austin Toastmasters Slack, simply send an e-mail and an admin or officer will send you an invite!

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