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Competent Communication Manual Speeches

The basic Toastmasters manual, with 10 speech projects, is designed to develop your speaking skills one step at a time. Each speech builds upon what you have learned in the preceding speeches.


1.    Icebreaker   (4 to 6 minutes)

Getting over nervousness by introducing yourself to the club.
2.    Organize Your Speech   (5 to 7 minutes)

Work on giving a well-organized speech by building an outline that includes an opening, body and conclusion.
3.    Get to the Point   (5 to 7 minutes)

State the purpose to your speech as soon as possible and support the purpose with main points.
4.    How to Say It   (5 to 7 minutes)

This project calls on you to work with gestures and body language during your speech; to develop a sense of timing and natural, smooth body movement, and explore the different ways of using body language.
5.    Your Body Speaks (5 to 7 minutes)
In this project you will learn how to work with stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to enhance believability, confidence and emphasize the point you are making.
6.    Vocal Variety  (5 to 7 minutes)

Work on rate of delivery, volume, speed, pitch, emphasis, etc., to explore the use of these tools as assets to your speaking.
7.    Research Your Topic (5 to 7 minutes)
The goal of this project is to learn how to make your speech more effective supporting your main points with statistics, testimony, stories, anecdotes, examples, visual aids, and facts.
8.    Get Comfortable with Visual Aids (5 to 7 minutes)
In this project you will learn how to effectively use props in your presentations.
9.    Persuade with Power  (5 to 7 minutes)

The goal of this speech is to present a talk that persuades the audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint by appealing to the audience's self-interest, building a logical foundation for agreement, and arousing emotional commitment to your cause.
10.    Inspire Your Audience   (8 to 10 minutes)

The final speech in the manual calls on you to move and inspire your audience in a well-presented and well-prepared speech.

Our club offers effective evaluations to learn from, and experienced members to help you along the way.

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